Free Android Racing Games of 2016 & 2017


With the new developments in technology people are shifting more towards latest machines and devices. The gaming world back in 2015 was not same as in 2016 and it will be different in 2017. Android games got a boost last year and the development in it is an ongoing processes. If I talk about the racing games, there are many types of racing games available, like car racing games, bicycle racing games, mountain bike racing games, jeep racing games, truck racing games and many more variety. So, if we start to discuss every type of free android racing games then it would take a whole year or may be more. Let’s talk about three Bike racing games, which were astonishing in 2016 and got a bright future in 2017 ahead.

In 2016, there were many good bike racing games, but we will talk about only three best ones in 2016 and their future in 2017, weather they will get obsolete or will remain as best for coming year and many more years.

1)  Real Bike Racing

By Italy Games


A racing game enjoyed by many people in 2016 with amazing features, for instance, real bike racing gave a taste of real biking experience as suggested by the name of app, more than ten types of unique super bikes, rear view mirrors, 3D graphics with dynamic lighting effects and many more. As I can see the future of Real Bike Racing Game in 2017 is good as was in 2016.

2) Highway Bike Rider – Wild Race

9xt Play Studios


Highway Bike Rider was one of best android racing game of 2016 with features users and race loving people admire to have in a racing game. Extraordinary features like, multiple sport bikes with color of your choice, bike wheeling stunts, easy to move from left to right by tilting the screen, gathering coins to unlock sport bikes, 3D graphics and many more other features. Highway bike rider played its part in 2016 now its turn for 2017 and I see its future bright ahead in this year and in coming years as well.

3) Motorbike Traffic Racer 3D

By Daft Monkey Games


Motorbike Traffic Racer 3D is a bike racing game with some amazing features, which sports lovers and android game lovers admire. Features like, 3D graphics, endless roads, realistic game play, detailed environment, endless riding and many more features. As like the other games I mentioned, Motorbike Traffic Racer got a high ranking and demand in 2016 and it is assumed that the demand will go up in coming years.

So bike racing games has a lot of potential to attract different people. I am very much certain that the racing games like the mentioned three had a great impact on gaming community in past and it will continue to impact on gaming community in the future or in coming years as well.




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