2017 and Free Android Shooting Games


Free android games captured majority of the gaming market in 21st century, a century of the Anno Domini era in accordance with the Gregorian calendar.  In coming years free android games will cover the whole market and will become dominant in gaming industry or gaming world. In free android gaming zone the majority of people are inclined towards shooting games. Demands for shooting games are growing on a fair speed then other free android games. Let’s find out some of the shooting games and their upcoming future in 2017.

Kill Shot

By; Hothead Games


Kill Shot is a free android shooting game with features like, multiple missions, multiple guns, hunting down enemy in his territory, accomplishing missions assigned by different agencies and many more features. Kill shot game got best ranking in 2016, and in 2017 it is expected that the game will get high ranking as well.

Sniper 3D – Shooting Game

By; 9xt Play Studios


If we talk about sniper’s game than we always remember one of the best free android shooting game Sniper 3D. The game got different extraordinary features which usually gamers admire to have in a shooting game. There are five different missions to complete with 3D graphics, perfect sniper shooting with fewer bullets will earn you bonus and points, endless mode to earn high score, zoom in and zoom out for perfect camera view, turn your rifle into customized perfect sniper machine and other features. In 2017 the game will establish a strong line of users as was in the last year. Sniper 3D will remain on the track of progress in 2017 as well.

Shooting Expert 2

By; LTS Lab


Shooting expert 2 is free android game, which gained popularity in the beginning of last year but, in the end of 2016 the ranking dropped and it’s still dropping. The game provide necessary features however, nobody knows what the real issue is. The ranking of shooting expert will continue to drop in 2017 if the game remained as it is.

Gun & Strike 3D

By; Doing Studio


Gun and strike 3D shooting game entertain their users with amazing features, such as, a full range of weapon system, up gradation of play attribute’s using coins, realistic course of fighting, radar system, realistic visual and others. The game established its importance in 2016 and will continue to influence users in 2017.

Android shooting games become essential part of free android games now. No one can separate Shooting games from the android gaming zone. There is a bright future for android games ahead.


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