Educational Free Android Games for Kids

Almost all parents are very much concern for their children education but kids usually doesn’t show interest in books and doing their home tasks given by school teacher. Most of the parents worry about this alarming behavior of their child/children at initial level of learning process. As modern technology is providing solutions for many troubles related to early childhood education. Games can provide a platform for children to learn many things with an exciting environment and fun. Different visuals, sounds and puzzles help kid’s to pick different educational concepts easily and quickly through different android games. There are many free android educational games for kids to learn about, science, maths, English, and other subjects. Learning English is not always easy for every child at initial learning phase. Memorizing words and remembering spellings of different English words is a tricky task for children.


Let’s see some of free educational android games for kids which may be helpful for children as well as for parents who are more inclined towards their newborns..

  1. Kids Word Scramble Game


English words learning android game for kids to improve different English words with their spellings. The game set up a great platform for kids to learn and have fun with its exciting features, such as, colorful visuals, catchy audio, timer is provided to select English letter with exact word, endless level game, and many other features.

Download for free Kids Word Scramble a free English words learning android game.

2.  Kids Math


Math is a tricky subject for kids to learn. Learn math in an exciting manner through an android gaming app. The game is very much easy to play with features like, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, number ascending, number descending, and many other amazing features. Download for free Kids Math

3. Kids Science Experiment


Science experimenting android game is to perform simple experiments for kids with amazing gaming experience. The game can provide a stage for doing experiments at small level. Exciting features like, different experiments on various different objects, Conclusions as well as guidance at each step, excellent animations, conclusions at the end of each experiment will help you understand the aim of the experiments, and many more features. Download for free Kids Science Experiment

Free android games can be a part of education as well as exciting fun time for kids and parents too. People usually need some kind of new thing to try just like free android educational apps if their children are not taking interest in studies.


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