Android Games and Their Benefits

There are many advantages and disadvantages of games which can be helpful and harmless for many people around the globe. Many people are of perception that games have a negative impact on the life of children’s but that’s not all true. There are many advantages of games as well. I don’t say that there is nothing bad with games or there is no harm in playing games. Games are helpful for many people if they clearly understand for what the game is made for. Many people stick themselves with games all the time that’s something which is destructive. Mostly many of the children’s try to do what is presented in fiction games in their daily life, that’s another problem faced by many parents across the world. So, playing games is not bad, but playing games all the time is the problem. There are many solutions to these problems, such as, parents need to educate their children regarding games, rather than applying different sanctions on their children. You can play game in your free time and playing games all the time is not a positive attitude.

Benefits of Android Games

Games can help in cognitive development of brain, it can help improve reflexes, can polish decision making processes, be helpful to improve different task completion skills, can make brain more active, polishing IQ, and many others benefits.

Let’s consider two android based games and find their benefits for people.

  • Jungle Runner Adventure 3D

Free android running game with amazing features such as, 3D graphic, amazing Jungle audio and video visuals scenarios depiction, layout and Jinga-Lalaa-ho-ho voices, tap screen for beating the enemy, swipe left & right to get away from obstacles. . The game can help in improving decision making, help in cognitive development, can improve your reflexes, can be helpful if you lost in a jungle, informative, can make your free time exciting, knowledge about the good, and___ bad obstacles/hurdles in jungle and many others.

Download Jungle Runner Free Android Running Game

Jungle Runner

  • Zombie Sniper – Last Man Stand

Free android game containing stunning features, like, enhanced graphics, easy controls with camera view, accurate 3D sniper riffle, unlimited bullets to kill zombies, be the head-shot to kill the zombies with one bullet, endless level and many others. This game can effect positively as well as negatively if there is a problem in understanding the purpose of game. The game is developed only for entertainment, fun and excitement. The game got many hidden benefits for its users, such as, fun, excitement, thrill, decision making, active brain, improving IQ level and others. This game got disadvantages if people try to do what is happening in this fiction game, it can affect social life of person if applied in real life. There is nothing wrong with the game; what’s not right is the understanding.

Download Zombie Sniper – Last Man Sand

Zombie Sniper

So play as many games as you can in your free time but the most important and concern things is to understand for what the game is developed for. Some games are developed only for the purpose of fun and excitement such as zombie sniper as mentioned above and others may have different benefits.


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