How to Attract More Users to your Mobile Game


Mostly people and organizations use different techniques to attract more audience to their mobile games through marketing of the game. The marketing id done through adds on print media, social media, forums, digital media and classical mediums of information sharing. ASO (App store optimization) is also a form of marketing that attracts costumers.. Communication is done through different mediums as I mentioned above. The most important thing to attract majority of users to your game is the features of the game. Nowadays organizations are more concerned about different starling features in different games. Usually people and organizations provide features that final users perceived in a game. Different type of games needs different type of marketing according to the nature and the features of the game. Let’s discuss some of mobile games and their promotion..

Jungle Run – Pakdam Pakdai 3D


Jungle run is a free android running game in which a little boy named Alex is running in jungle and deadly tribesmen and animals are running after him, in order to capture him. Alex escaped from Zulu tribe prison and now running in jungle to save his life. There are many hurdles and obstacles on the way. He needs to avoid those hurdles and obstacles. The game is adventurous and includes jungle thrill and somewhat natural flavor in the game. The game needs promotion on social media and on gaming forums related to mobile adventurous games. The main perspective is to communicate the stunning features of the game.

Play Jungle Run – Pakdam Pakdai 3D free android running game

Zombie Sniper – Last Man Stand


Free android shooting game for shooting thrill game lovers. The game is about peace loving people of your city who are under attack by zombies. The people are afraid of going out of their hiding places because zombies are wondering everywhere in streets, on roads and in markets. People need a perfect assassin to get rid of the deadly zombies. A role playing game in which you have to play the role of assassin, so that you can knock-out every single zombie in the city. So, the game is about saving people, shooting thrill and role playing. The game needs promotion on gaming sites and forums that accept promotion of dangerous games in which killing is involved. Need to communicate features of the game through different social media sites. You can use every type of communication medium to promote your game. The nature of the game is about killing so, you need to take extra care in adds because of children reach to the adds.

Play Zombie Sniper – Last Man Standing 3D free android shooting game

So, if you know what the game is about, nature of the game and features of the game, you can promote it everywhere. The game can establish its base on its features. Features of the game play most valuable part in promotion of the game.


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